Raise money for LPA with a Bowl-a-thon!
It is as Easy as 1-2-3-4-5!

The Bowl-a-thon is a fun way for the dwarfism community to come together in person locally and in spirit across the United States while raising funds for LPA and our programs. LPA depends on dues and donations from its members and friends to continue to operate basic programs, and will use the bowl-a-thon to support our ongoing projects and new initiatives. All of the money that you collect will help keep LPA moving forward. If the bowl-a-thon is organized by your chapter or district, 50% of the proceeds go to your local organization, and 50% go to the national organization. If you are organizing it on your own (as an independent member) you may choose to split the proceeds 50/50 with your chapter or district and national, or give all to the national organization.

1. Pick a day, time, and place to bowl anytime during October for Dwarfism Awareness Month
• Contact your local bowling alley to reserve lanes to bowl. Consider adding a food or drink package for a more social event.
• Create or join your Personal/Chapter/District Team Page at FirstGiving.com/5224. Look for the words “LPA Bowl-a-thon for Dwarfism Awareness Month” on the right side of the page.  Or create a log-in and build your own FirstGiving page for your chapter, district or family if one has not been made already.  An example of a chapters event page is here: https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/joanna-campbell-3/OBCbowl.  Download a bowl-a-thon pledge form here to gather donations via check/cash.  
• Publicize your event - Your team page will allow you to share through social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

2. Collect Donations and pledges.
• Collect donations from friends and family.
a) In person: use the pledge sheet to collect contributors.
b) Via e-mail: email your team page to friends and family.
c) Via social media: post your personal or team page to Facebook, Twitter... everywhere!

3. Contact the LPA office with details of your event.
• We can help you spread the word to others in your area from the LPA community!
Contact Vicky or Joanna at vicky.lpa@sbcglobal.net or joanna.lpa@earthlink.net .

4. The Fun Part! - Bowl, Collect Money, and send the proceeds to LPA.
• You can just bowl, throw a bowling party, or even have fun Wii bowling! You can create this event to work for you, and your chapter or district.
• Collect money using your pledge sheet and/or on-line donations.
• Drop it all in the mail! Put your pledge sheet, and checks or money to the office for processing. Chapter/district officers can also deposit the money in your local accounts and write a check to LPA national with 50% for ease of transfer.

5. Thank your sponsors and donors.
If a donation was made online at FirstGiving.com then a tax receipt and thank you letter were automatically provided. If a contributor wrote a check or gave cash, please provide them with a thank you letter and our tax ID number for their donation. Our tax ID is 94-2965067.