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LPA is excited to host the 61st National Conference in Orlando, FL this July! The event dates have slightly shifted this year and the conference will be held from July 6-13, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Orlando hotel on International Drive. There is a fantastic week of events planned including a ravashing night with a daring Family Fun Night of prowling pirates and terrific treasures, the LPA's Got Talent Show, the return of Speaker's Night, the dazzling Fashion Show, a magical Awards Banquet night under the stars, a thrilling ride through the grasslands with Wild Florida, a chance at lunch with an astronaut at the Kennedy Space Center, and all the daily charms of workshops, receptions, meet and greets, MAB clinic consultations, young adult events, teen events, CITM events, and the Barty Lounge with a bonus 80s night! Come for the LPA Conference and stay for the magic - LPA will be providing free shuttle transportation to Disney properties on Wednesday and Friday, with discounted half day rates! 

Registration and hotel reservations will open on March 15! Remember, you must register with LPA first in order to book your hotel room at the Hyatt. Room rates for LPA registrants are $179/night plus tax. 

We look forward to seeing you all soon! 

2018 LPA Conference Tentative Schedule:

Friday, 07/06: Dine-A-Round 

Saturday, 07/07: BOD, Meet & Greets, Teen Meet and Greet Social, 1824 Sips and Dips, CITM Meet & Greet and Capture the Flag, Opening Dance

Sunday, 07/08: BOD, MAB Workshops, Receptions, Teen Selfie Scavenger Hunt, Teen & CITM Mini Golf, 1824@LPA Tin Roof, LPA Speaker’s Night, Barty, Dance

Monday, 07/09: MAB Clinics, Workshops, Receptions, Teen Orlando Fun Trivia, CITM Electronic Scavenger Hunt, 1824@LPA Wakeup to Makeup, 1824@LPA BJ’s Dinner & The Escape Room
Pirate's Adventure Family Fun Night, Barty, Dance

Tuesday, 07/10: Kennedy Space Center, MAB Clinics, Workshops, Receptions, Teen Pool Party Bash, CITM Game Activities and Search for Fountain of Youth, 1824@LPA Bowling and Dinner, LPA’s Got Talent Show, Barty - Little Big Band, Dance

Wednesday, 07/11: Disney World Shuttles, MAB Clinics, Workshops, Receptions, Onsite Scuba Intro and Lesson with Cody Unser's First Step Foundation, Teen and CITM Laser Tag, Fashion Show, Barty - 80s Night, Dance

Thursday, 07/12: Wild Florida Airboats and Gator Park, CITM Game Activities, Teen Bowling & CITM Bowling, Magical Night Under the Stars Awards Banquet, Children’s Banquet, Dance

Friday, 07/13:
Disney World Shuttles, Teen Wrap up the Night Dance Party, Last Dance