About Gary Parker's Work With LPA

The photos Gary took in New York are now available for viewing and purchase at http://dwarfism.smugmug.com.   The password is "littlepeople" (no spaces).

In recent years Gary's pro bono work with Little People of America (LPA) coupled with his own deep feelings towards the dwarfism community have motivated him to create the #1 dwarfism photography website in the world, a site which has positively impacted the lives of many Little People families worldwide, as well as many of average stature who have found the portraits a source of inspiration, education and delight.

Gary's website has generated donations for LPA as well as for private individuals born with dwarfism while also increasing awareness and acceptance of dwarfism worldwide. The site generates roughly 10 million hits per year. Gary's goal in creating this body of work has been to increase awareness and acceptance worldwide and to educate new parents of a dwarf child that in almost all cases their child does indeed have a bright and promising future. Gary strongly encourages families of children with dwarfism to join and involve their child in the Little People of America organization.

Gary is a nationally renowned, award winning professional photographer working with clients such as Purina, Nestle, Microsoft, Heinz, the Discovery Channel, Nabisco, and Proctor and Gamble.  

LPA is thankful and indebted to Mr. Parker, and his wife Kimberly, for providing countless hours, pro bono, for the benefit of our community. 

Photo Gallery

These portraits were made expressly for the use of LPA and the photographer.  All photos are property of Parker Photographic Productions and are protected by the United States and international copyright laws.  These photos may not be reproduced, copied, used, downloaded or manipulated in any way without the expressed permission of Gary Parker. 


A father and daughter, both with SEDc.  Two longtime friends; both have SEDc.           


Two friends, both have diastrophic dysplasia.       A mother with a son with diastrophic dysplasia.


A young boy with achondroplasia       An older couple who have had a long and happy                                                    life.  The woman has achondroplasia.  The man has                                                    diastrophic dysplasia.


A beautiful young girl with achondroplasia.   Note the adorable hands, feet and face!  


Three teens.  Typical in every way of teens.  The two in tanktops have achondroplasia.  The girl in pink has Multiple Pterygium Syndrome.



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