District 10

States: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and El Paso, Texas
Director: Gaill Blackburn
E-mail: District10LPA@gmail.com
Website: http://lpadistrict10.org/

VALLEY OF THE SUN (Phoenix) - 1
State: Arizona
President: Ed Myers
E-mail: lpavalleyofthesun@gmail.com
Website: www.Phoenix.AZlpa.org

ROADRUNNERS (Tucson) - 72
State: Arizona
President: Linda Morris
Email: lpatucsonroadrunners@gmail.com
Website: www.Tucson.AZlpa.org

FRONT RANGE (Denver) - 26
State: Colorado
Co-Presidents: Jami Garland and Nikole Bigley
E-mail: jamigclark@icloud.com or nikolebigley@me.com

State: New Mexico and El Paso, Texas
President: Matt Loehman
Email: mloehman@gmail.com

SEAGULLS (Salt Lake City) - 41
State: Utah
President: Stephen Hatch
E-mail: stephenchatch@hotmail.com
Website: http://lpautah.webstarts.com/

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