An Open Letter from the LPA Scholarship Committee...

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Dear Prospective Student:

Thank you for your interest in an LPA scholarship. What an exciting time in your life! Going to college or vocational school is a life-changing event. It is the sincerest wish of the scholarship committee that we can assist you in your educational goals. This letter contains information and pointers that may be helpful.

About LPA and our Mission....

Little People of America, Inc., is a nonprofit organization that provides support and information to people of short stature and their families. Membership is offered to those people who are usually no taller than 4'10" in height. Their short stature is generally caused by one of the more than 200 medical conditions known as dwarfism. Membership is also available to relatives and interested professionals who work with short-statured individuals.

Little People of America, Inc. (LPA), will assist dwarfs with their physical and developmental concerns resulting from short stature. By providing medical, environmental, educational, vocational, and parental guidance, short-statured individuals and their families may enhance their lives and lifestyles with minimal limitations. Through peer support and personal example, our members will be supportive of all those who reach out to LPA. Lastly, by networking with national and international growth-related and genetic-support groups, LPA will enhance knowledge and support of short-statured individuals.

About Scholarships...

As part of our service to people with dwarfism and the community at large, LPA offers educational scholarships to prospective and current students attending college or vocational school in the United States. Awards can range from $250 to $1000 (sometimes more). A scholarship committee, headed by LPA's Vice President of Programs, will selectively review all scholarship application packets

Scholarships are given in order of preference to:
• members of LPA who have a medically diagnosed form of dwarfism
• immediate family members of dwarfs who are also paid members of LPA
• people with dwarfism who are not members of LPA

LPA scholarship awards shall be limited to two awards for undergraduate studies and one for graduate studies, effective beginning the 2012-2013 school year.

Contact your local LPA chapter president, district director, or national officer to obtain scholarship applications.

Some Helpful Tips...
• When filling out the application, be sure to follow the instructions carefully and send the complete scholarship application packet no later than the date listed on the application. Incomplete or late packets will be rejected.
• Do not wait until the last minute to assemble your scholarship application packet. You will need to contact the people writing reference letters early, so they can return them in a timely fashion.
• Proofread, proofread, and proofread! Misspelling and bad grammar reflects badly on you, and the scholarship committee will consider this when reviewing applications. Have a friend or relative double-check your work.
• Write a letter of thanks if you receive an award. Other than being the polite thing to do, if you are planning to apply for scholarships again in the future, a thank you letter for past scholarships goes a long way in impressing the scholarship committee.
• Get involved with LPA! We are a volunteer organization and any student who has shown a willingness to volunteer his or her time will look good to the scholarship committee. Ask your local chapter or district officer how you can be of service. Indicate how you plan to help on your personal statement.
• If you need help, do not be afraid to ask! A high school counselor, college advisor, your parents, or even another college student may all be of service. Also, feel free to email me with any questions.

For more advice and information on writing a personal statements, and applying for scholarships, check out It is a great resource. Others can be found by searching online.

Thank you for your interest and best of luck in your educational pursuits.

Jon North

LPA Programs Director