LPA's Dwarf Artist Coalition Goes Virtual!

We will be hosting a number of events this July on Zoom and we want you to share your work. We need poetsvisual / media artistsmusicians, and more to participate! Don't be shy!! Now's the time to share your talent! If you want to be involved as an artist please fill out the google forms (hyperlinked below) so you can join in the DAC events as part of LPA's Virtualpalooza this July.

Poetry Night

July 10th at 8:00pm 
Share a talent; spoken word, poem, skit, story at the DAC Virtual Poetry Night! An open forum for our literary artists to show off their skills and passions on stage! 
ARTIST Registration link can be accessed here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rBDLnTDuRFb9sxmrAD7v2gWR2GyQ6gYTiPTDT5CxwXY 
To Register to View the Event, visit HERE.

Visual Arts Online Exhibition
July 17 at 8:00pm EST
Support the visual artists of The Dwarf Artist Coalition and experience our COVID-inspired Online Display! A chance for visual artists to showcase their work to the community, these pieces of art, pending artist preference can be available for purchase. Artists will manage their own sales. We might even have an opportunity for you to converse with artists in breakout rooms.
ARTIST Registration link can be accessed here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1fi8_wY6TieavROtjeYVPEHXooFowJzu6kEpW2Af2DqE 
To Register to View the Event, visit HERE.

Telephone 2020 "Living in Oblivion"
July 18 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm 
Come join the Dwarf Artist Coalition at its third annual Telephone Project Reception. The Telephone Project showcases various works of art by DAC members inspired by a yearly theme. The theme for 2019/2020 is based on Peter Dinklage’s 1995 film debut in “Living In Oblivion.” This theme will be represented through various art forms such as, manuscripts, dances, monologues, songs, paintings, and much more! Each piece will build upon the other, much like in the game, “Telephone”. This will be an event you will not want to miss! Come celebrate our community’s creativity and share in the experience.

To Register to View the Event, visit HERE.

Play Reading "Shut Up and Take It"
(Teens and Young Adults, this one is for you!)
July 19 from 3:00pm - 5:00pm
DAC'S Dodson-Levine Fellow, Lakshmi Shyamakrishnan, will present her new play "Shut Up and Take It."  A story about Malory Deschell--an ambitious senior in high school--who is determined to make her mark in the school's drama club as an assistant director. When a new student enters the fray and derails her plans, Malory needs to make the difficult decision to either continue working hard or quit, and in the process begins to understand the difference between fighting a battle and winning a war. 

To Register to View the Event, visit HERE.

Music Concert
July 31 at 7:30pm
Any and all LP youth interested in music should come join the Dwarf Artist Coalition for their Musical Jam Sesh! Through sharing their adaptive equipment and their talents, musicians from the DAC will teach what it means to be a LP Musician.
ARTIST Registration link can be accessed here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1y9AwZAPzHynqeRDyg_w7Dk_6HtQO8Ev8oKmZ1-5-SCM 
To Register to View the Event, visit HERE.