First-Time Conference Attendee Grants

LPA is now accepting applications for First Time Conference Attendees Grants.  Click HERE to begin the application process.  Deadline to submit is May 15th.

Little People of America offers two grants to current LPA members who are first-time National Conference attendees.  

The Kitchens Fund for First-Time Conference Attendees was established in honor of the Kitchens' family and is available to eligible Little People of America members of all ages.  To qualify for the fund, applicants must meet the following criteria:

1) must be a first-time attendee of a National Conference
2) must be a paid member of LPA in good standing, and
3) must be accompanied by an adult/guardian, if a minor

Grant amounts vary from year-to-year based on available funds but average $300-$750 per family.

The Ellen Fernandez Fund for First-Time National Conference Attendees is available only to members age 18 and older.  The Ellen Fernandez Fund for First-Time Conference Attendees was created in 2015 to encourage adult Little People of America members to attend the National Conference. To qualify, applicants must meet the following criteria:

1) must be a first-time attendee of a National Conference
2) must be a paid member of Little People of America in good standing, and
3) must be age 18 and older

Ellen Fernandez Fund grants are generally $1000-$1500.

For 2023 grant recipients, minimum grant awards will include:  1) complementary base-registration fee (excluding fees for off-site or extracurricular activities) and 2) waived hotel fees for a pre-determined number of nights depending on the grant received.  LPA will work with recipients after they are notified to arrange conference registration and hotel reservation, as needed.  If the grant amount exceeds the minimum amount, then reimbursement checks for the balance will be given to recipients on-site during the Conference. 

We encourage members to submit their application early.  Although the deadline to submit a grant is May 15th, grants will be awarded in two phases.  All grant applications received by April 1, will be reviewed, and notified of any grant awards by April 20.  Applications received after April 1 will be reviewed and notified of awards by May 31.  

Other Grant Opportunities
  * Please note that LPA is not affiliated with any grant listed below.  We are listing other opportunities for our members' convenience.

The Little Carly Foundation
The Little Carly Foundation’s goal is to help families that are part of the Little People of America (LPA) community be able to attend the week-long annual National Conference. The Foundation plans and executes fundraisers to gain funds to help with expenses for traveling to LPA's National Conference. A grant of $500 will be given to three individuals to relieve some financial stress. The grant winners will receive their check upon arrival to to the conference in Austin, Texas.  This grant is not limited to first-time attendees.   To apply for this grant, visit The Little Carly Foundation application

This year the Little Carly Foundation will be holding their annual 5k, and also have a cornhole tournament in the works. The Little Carly Foundation looks forward to helping more families each year. If you have any questions regarding the grant or grant application, please contact the Little Carly Foundation, [email protected].