Committee Chairs

Adoption Coordinator Colleen Gioffreda
ANSI Committee Allison Lourash
Bereavement/Double Dominance Mary Ellen Little
Mark Trombino 
Biotech Industry Committee Michael Hughes
Bylaw and Policy Manual Ron Piro
Dwarf Artists Coalition Cuquis Roblodo
Margaret Drew

Dwarf Athletic Association of America (DAAA), President (DAAA is a separate organization).

Jeremy Harrison
Employment Chair Becky Curran Kekula
Finance Chair Bryce Schelhaas
Historian/Archives Jim Kay
International Liaison Marie Trottier
Hispanic Affairs Committee Brenda Martinez
Joe Foos                Gissette de Pérez
LPA Today Online, E-Newsletter Editor Deb Himsel
LPA Today, Editor [email protected]
Medical Resource Director Ericka Okenfuss
National Conference Management Committee Chair Sandy Taylor
Parent Coordinators Kelly Lee
Nicole Nastasi
Anthony Nastasi
OWLS Coordinator (Seniors) Greg Lawrence
Rainbow Committee Bekah Bailey
Teen Coordinator Emily Burke
Young Adult Coordinator Christian Contreras