Fund Raise for LPA!  
Tips and Ideas for Fundraising

Donations are vital to LPA. Consider organizing a fundraiser or event to support LPA's work, mission, and programs. Supporters nationwide have already demonstrated their commitment to the dwarfism community through fundraisers such as dinner parties, art auctions, sporting activities, celebratory occasions, or awareness events.  There are so many options!

There are many ways to fundraise creatively—just make sure you are following IRS as well as any local or state regulations. Sound ethics should also be considered when conducting a fundraising campaign or program—you never want to pressure someone into donating, for example.  Please also remember that you cannot market your fundraising to benefit a specific person, although a specific person can apply and then be chosen after the fact to benefit from your efforts (such as through the LPA scholarship or travel fund).   Chapter and District Officers - be sure to download the Tips for Fundraising at the Chapter and District Level.  Remember, per the current LPA Bylaws 10% of all District wide net fundraising proceeds are due to the National organization.

Sample Letter - Fundraising Letter for Friends and Family  
Sample Letter - Donation Request Letter for Auction Items

(Members - if you have a letter you'd like to share, please email to [email protected] and we will include it in our resources here.)

How to Begin Fundraising
1. Choose your fundraising challenge.  If the idea of fundraising is overwhelming to you – don’t let it be! LPA has a number of suggested fundraising ideas to get you started, from donating for celebratory events like birthdays and holiday, to running for LPA in a local race. With each challenge, you can create a personal fundraising page to collect donations and track your progress with FirstGiving.

2. Set a fundraising goal.  A goal is an important tool to help your supporters rally around your cause, and it will help keep you focused as you begin putting your fundraising plan in action. You can always adjust your goal as needed.

3.  Identify your network of support. Think about all the people who can help you reach your fundraising goal. This doesn’t have to be just people who can donate – it may include local businesses that can provide items for your fundraising activities or friends that can help you plan an event.

4.  Start asking for donations. Reach out to your family, friends and social networks as you start asking for donations.  Some people love this part and are very bold, others not so much.  Follow your personal style and ask in the way you are comfortable.  When people see you are happy to support LPA, they will be too.

5.  Follow up.  Persistence is important! Not everyone you reach out to will donate, but don’t be discouraged. People are good.  For the most part we find that if people have the ability to donate they happily will.  But if they can't, that's OK too.  Following up is a very important step in your fundraising. An effective fundraiser has to be able to ask again and again.  People are busy and sometimes a friendly reminder is all it takes.

Your family and friends will be excited to follow your progress, so don’t be afraid to share with them. Each update will serve as a reminder that they can still donate to your cause. A thank you goes a long way and it’s essential to thank your donors and let them know when you have reached your fundraising goal.

LPA's 501(c)3 number.  On occasion, a donor may ask for the chapter’s tax identification number, which is tied to LPA’s status as a nonprofit, 501 (c) 3 organization.  LPA actually has an umbrella tax identification number which covers the national organization as well as all chapters and districts.  This saves a lot of time and money from each chapter and district applying for their own, but it also ties us together financially. Please note that LPA’s tax identification number is 94-2965067.  If a chapter or district hosts a fundraiser for their benefit, please be aware that the chapter or district is responsible for complying with IRS and guidelines, including providing tax receipts and thank yous to the donors.   Also, LPA's Bylaws state that if a District holds a fundraiser 10% of the net proceeds need to go to National for national support.  We are all in this together!

Ideas for Fundraising
1.  Start a FirstGiving page for LPA.  You can host an online fundraiser to benefit LPA at  FirstGiving will walk you through all the steps for setting up your very own fundraiser benefiting LPA.  You can participate in a 5K, hold a bowling event, or simply state a goal and ask for donations.  FirstGiving makes it easy and stress free and is useful for a variety of ideas.  For example one of our members has raised $20,000 for LPA with FirstGiving in his running of the Boston Marathon!  Others have raised $200 by walking a local 5K. Ideas are bountiful.

2.  Hold an event at a restaurant.  Working with restaurants that donate a percentage of sales to an organization is also an option that takes little time and effort.  You set things up with the manager of the restaurant (locally owned restaurants can be approached in addition to regional or local chains), publicize the event via a flyer, then follow-up with the restaurant to secure your check.  The following Web site lists some regional/national chains that make this type of arrangement available:

3.  Wear jeans for Genes Day.  Many students have had great success raising money at their schools in exchange for a nice perk - sometimes it's the ability to wear jeans on a Friday instead of the school uniform.  Other popular ideas are bake sales and selling Dwarfism Awareness Bracelets.    These same ideas could translate well into some workplaces as well, so parents and adults can get involved.

4. Walk and Roll-a-thon.  Walk and Roll-a-thons are fun and allow people of all ages and abilities to take part.  All you need is a donation flyer for pledges, and a track or path to walk, run, scoot, or bike on.   Using FirstGiving is an especially easy way to collect pledges and donations.  Miniature golf courses are also a great option for a group event.  

5,  Feel free to check other groups for ideas.  
This site has great ideas for their organization, United Mitrocondrial Disease Foundation - 
and Rare Disease UK