Inclusion Committee

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In accordance with the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) report from 2021, the Inclusion Committee was established and is represented on the Board by the Inclusion Director (Maria McClellan). We seek to recommend and implement strategies to make LPA welcoming and inclusive. We value Respect, Intersectionality, Belonging, Accountability, and Disability Community Connections.

Little People of America (LPA) is fully committed to creating a more just, equitable and diverse organization for people of short stature. We have thoughtfully defined the words "inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility" (IDEA) as a means to address and acknowledge the shortcomings of the organization in the past. These definitions serve as a guide for LPA's transformation, reinforcing our commitment to integrating IDEA into the fabric of everything that we do by aiming to create a safe space where all individuals are respected, valued, and fully integrated within the community. To read more, click to view LPA's Defining Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility document.  

To guide our work we follow the Inclusion Committee Charter.

Committee Members

  • Risa Rifkind, Chair
  • Maria McClellan, Inclusion Director
  • Cara Reedy
  • Ellen Erenea
  • Rachel Keller
  • Rhonda Mendoza
  • Ashley Love
  • Amy Rule
  • Mackenzie Michelson
  • Dielle De Noon
  • Sofiya Cheyenne

Contact email: [email protected]


Interested in joining? All are welcome! Please fill out the Inclusion Interest Form to express your interest and expertise in this work.

Provide Feedback to the Committee:  Access the LPA Member IDEA Feedback Form to provide feedback to the Inclusion Committee.

NOTE:  If these forms are not accessible to you please email Maria directly at [email protected]