Media and Press Statements

Official Position Statements and Press Releases

June 2023 LPA Speaks Out Against Recent Bullying Incidents
May 2023 LPA Responds to Members Becky and Ryan Kekula’s Hospital Settlement
April 2023 LPA Announces Grant from Ford Foundation
March 2023 LPA Media Statement for TMZ,  in response to comments made by Bill Walton
October 2022 LPA Promotes Dwarfism Awareness Month
July 2022 LPA Media Statement for TMZ,  in response to comments made by Jerry Jones
August 2020 LPA Forms Partnership with Nanismo Brasil  
February 2020 LPA Response to Recent Bullying Incidents
June 2019 LPA Creates LGBTQIA+ Committee
January 2019  LPA Responds to Hurley Mascot Change
January 2019 LPA Supports Proposed Ban on Dwarf Tossing


LPA in the News

July 2022 Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Issues Apology for Using Derogatory Slur
July 2022 Cowboys' Jerry Jones Uses Offensive Term for Little People at NFL Training Camp
July 2021 5 schools in the Midwest still use the name for their mascots
July 2021 Louise Carroll: In the land of Oz, better to be a dog or horse
July 2021 National Disability Leadership Alliance (NDLA) Urges National Park Service to Meet Disability Mandates
June 2021 NJSCA & The Alliance Announce 2021 Cultural Access Award Recipients
February 2021  Sonoma nonprofit offers support to people with dwarfism and their families
October 2020 Dwarfism Awareness Month Through My Perspective
September 2020 Dwarf Pride’ Was Hard Won. Will a Growth Drug Undermine It?
December 2019 Little People of America speak on Dickinson Midgets mascot