Public Relations and LPA in the Media

Message from the current President of LPA, and past Vice President of Public Relations, Gary Arnold:


In my role I work to send a positive message about people of short stature and our organization. On this site, please find links to recent articles that include mention of LPA, statements and releases issued by LPA, and PR reports that include a summary of recent correspondence with media and production outlets.


As the President, I work closely with the Advocacy Committee, which use various forms of outreach to pursue issues important to LPA and the community of people with disabilities. As part of LPA’s Strategic Plan, we are building the Advocacy Committee to include at least one member from each district. Attached is a more detailed Advocacy Committee Member Job Description.

Press Releases and LPA Media Statements

January 2019  LPA Responds to Hurley Mascot Change
January 2019 LPA Supports Proposed Ban on Dwarf Tossing
June 2019 LPA Creates LGBTQIA+ Committee