Dwarfism Support Organizations and Groups

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General Help
Achondroplasia Information Source     (254) 533-2644     [email protected]
Human Growth Foundation
MAGIC Foundation
Short Persons Support
Genetic Alliance
Directory of Parent Centers
Little Giants Foundation
eSpecial Needs
The Halo for Children with Dwarfism
Understanding Dwarfism
International Dwarf Advocacy Association
Growing Stronger and Doctella

Speakers - Bullying Education & Diversity Training
Small Miracles Unlimited, Peggy O'Neil (LPA Member) based in Los Angeles

Medical Centers for Skeletal Dysplasias
For a complete list of Skeletal Dysplasia Clinics click here

Camp Programs
The Painted Turtle     California
Camp Little People     Pennsylvania
Come As You Are Camp     New Hampshire   Article on Camp 8/2010
Camp Korey
Harbor Camps     New Hampshire

Dwarf Athletic Association of America
Dwarf Athletic Association UK
The New York Towers
Dwarf Athletic Association of Canada

Diagnosis Specific
Association for Children with Russell-Silver Syndrome, Inc.  
Campomelic Dysplasia
National Mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) Society
Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation
Turner Syndrome Society of the United States
Turner's Syndrome Society of Canada
Diastrophic Dysplasia
Morquio Support Group
MPS Forum
Youth Support Group for SED/Kniest
Progeria Research Foundation
Primordial Dwarfism
Potentials Foundation
Rhizomelic Chondrodysplasia Punctata

By Country

     Argentina Facundo Rojas Nendive
     Australia Short Statured People of Australia
     Austria BKMF Austria
     Bulgaria Little People of Bulgaria
     Canada Association of Little People of Alberta
     Canada Association québécoise des personnes de petite taille
     Canada Little People of Ontario
     Canada Little People of British Columbia
     Canada Little People of Manitoba
     Columbia Little People of Columbia
     Costa Rica Asociacion Pro Gente Pequeña de Costa Rica
     Czech Association of Little People of Czech Republic
     Denmark Little People of Denmark
     England Restricted Growth Association and Little People UK
     Finland Lyhytkasvuiset-Kortväxta ry
     France  Association of People Small Size and Facebook Group
     Germany BundesselbsthilfeVerband Kleinwüchsiger Menschen e.V.
     Germany Bundesverband Kleinwüchsige Menschen und ihre Familien e.V. BKMF
      Guinea Personnes de Petite Taille Guinée Le Fromager
     Holland Belangenvereniging Van Kleine Mensen(BVKM)
     Hungary Little People of Hungary
     Italy AISAC Onlus
     Iraq Short Stature People of Iraqi
     Ireland Little People of Ireland
     Japan Glory to Achondroplasia
     Kenya Little People of Kenya
     Kosovo Little People of Kosovo
     Malaysia Little People Welfare Organization of Malaysia
     Mexico Consejo Nacional de Gente Pequeno
     New Zealand Little People of New Zealand
     Norway Little People of Norway (NiK)
     Philippines Little People of Philippines
     Poland Little People of Poland  Facebook grouphttp://www.rodzicniepeka.pl/
     Portugal ANDO Portugal
      Scotland Short Stature Scotland
      Slovakia Little People of Slovakia
     Slovenia Little People of Slovenia (Drustvo Malih Ljudi Slovenije)
     South Africa Little People of South Africa
Little People of Africa
[email protected]
    South Korea Little People of South Korea
     Sweden   Association for People of Short Stature in Sweden
     Switzerland Little People of Switzerland
     Spain Asociación Nacional Para Problemos de Crecimeinto(CRECER)
     Spain Fundación ALPE (website in English)
     Uganda Little People of Uganda