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LPA Project - Be Part of the Story

Do you like a good story? Do you like a good story that focuses on little people and tells how they navigate the challenges of living in a world constructed for average height people? Well the LPA Archive has many stories about little people and wants to share them with LPA members. Many of these stories have been published in newsletters, or have been told at speaking engagements and public meetings. Currently, these stories are hidden away and not accessible. To make them accessible, the LPA Archive will begin creating oral interviews that will be filmed and recorded so the stories can be preserved and shared with members and others that are a part of our community, who may be interested.

The oral interviews will feature the voices of past LPA officers, older members, teens, young adult members, parents, and siblings. Current LPA officers will participate as narrators. Upon completion, the oral interviews will be posted to the LPA Archive website and will be accessible to all members.

The project will begin in late 2020 and the first interviews will hopefully be made available by early 2021. This will be an ongoing project with additional oral interviews recorded on an annual basis.

To contribute to this project and support LPA Archive, click DONATE NOW to donate through our website (enter your donation amount under LPA Archive).  

What is the LPA Archive?

The LPA Archive is the depository for items and materials that document the history of Little People of America. These materials include paper documents, films, audio recordings, photos, newsletters, etc. The collection effort began in 2004 with the donation of the personal papers of Lee Kitchens, President of LPA for 1964 – 1968, and an active and contributing member until his death in 2003.

A substantial portion of the materials in the LPA Archive are official documents such as administrative files, Chapter and District records, Board meeting minutes, back issues of newsletters, photos of conferences and meetings, etc. In addition to the official records, several individuals have donated photos, documents, scrapbooks, and other items that relate to the history of LPA or were significant to these individuals when they were a member of LPA.

A newly created website, for the LPA Archive, with more accessible items to come in future weeks, is up and running HEREOver time scrapbooks, newsletters, photos, and items of interest that are stored in the LPA Archive will be digitized and made accessible to all members of LPA. 

The LPA Archive is advised and supported by the Historian Advisory Committee whose members include:

  • Jim Kay -  Jim lives in National City, California, and has served as LPA Historian since 2004. A member of LPA since 1970, he has also served as Chapter Vice President and Treasurer in his local chapter.
  • Beth Tatman - Beth joined LPA in 1974, and she has been President of Central Florida Chapter 13, as well as newsletter editor. She also served as District 4 Director and was the newsletter editor for the district. She is a resident of Chula Vista, California.   
  • Ryan Green - Ryan lives in Los Angeles and works in advertising. His main passion is documentary filmmaking. He was the producer, director, and force behind the film,  Hollywood Shorties, which can be viewed on Netflix.
  • Nic Novicki - Nick lives in Los Angeles and is an actor, comedian, and producer. He is the founder and director of the Easter Seals Disability Film Challenge.
  • Daniel Margulies - Daniel lives in Los Altos, California, and is semi-retired.  He consults for start-up businesses and non-profits. He has been involved with LPA since 1972 and has served in most officer roles within the organization includiing President from 1986 to 1987,  Vice President from 2000 to 2001, and Editor of LPA Today for several years.
  • Jon North - As Sr. Vice President of LPA, Jon is an ex-officio member of the Historian Committee.  

Donations of items are always welcome. The LPA Archive will accept paper, film, recordings, etc.. in analog and digital format. Contact Jim Kay, LPA Historian, for information.