LPA's Virtual Fashion Show - Forces of Fashion
Premiering Online on July 10th at 5pm PDT / 8pm EDT

“Be a Force” and join the “Forces of Fashion” in our community at this year’s empowering virtual LPA Fashion Show!

Celebrate self-expression, style, and body positivity during the live-streamed event on July 10! See our community make the world their runway in clothing that gives them confidence from the outside-in and from the inside-out. Meet some of the designers and innovators who are creating ready-to-wear and made-to-measure clothing for us and with us and driving positive changes in the fashion industry.

Registration is open for LPA community members who would like to submit a video for this year's virtual fashion show.  Models of all abilities are invited to participate. Parents of LPA members ages 4 and under can submit a photo for the “Future LPAFS Models” part of the show. All members of LPA ages 5 and older are invited to submit a 30-second runway video wearing their own clothing. Parents/guardians of models under 18 must submit their model’s form and video.

Register here >>  Registration Form
Submit a runway video here >> Video Upload

Be sure to send in your submissions before the June 20th deadline.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email the fabulous fashion show coordinators at [email protected]

Tips for filming your video for the 2021 LPA Fashion Show

  1. Create your ideal runway.
    Use your hallway, driveway, backyard, or any open space as a runway. We want to try to keep each model’s video around the same length (20 seconds of walking) so figure out how far you can walk in that length of time and mark it on the ground. Then film from the starting point to the ending point, plus a pose, a turn, and a walk back. Even if you don’t have the perfect space, you can still strike a few poses while sitting or standing in place! 

  2. Find your best light.
    Use natural lighting if possible, either by filming outdoors in the late morning or early afternoon or indoors in a room with windows. Make sure that you are facing your light source and that all of the light isn’t behind you.

  3. Use a smartphone camera if possible.
    The video will be much higher quality than if you use a tablet or computer.

  4. Film in horizontal (landscape) mode. 
    Set up or hold the phone horizontally/sideways to record your video.

  5. Set up your camera on a steady surface or hold the camera at the eye level of the model. 
    If you are filming yourself, put your device on a stable surface like a tripod or a shelf at your eye level while you record. Stand far enough away from the camera so that we can see your entire outfit. If someone is filming you, make sure they hold the camera at your eye level so that the focus is on your fabulous outfit, runway walk, and smile!

  6. Don’t use a distracting background. 
    Keep in mind that we want you to be the main focus of the video, not whatever is behind you.

  7. Record extra time at the beginning and end of your video. 
    Once you start recording, count to 5 in your head before you start walking or posing. After you finish your walk or poses, count to 5 in your head again before you stop recording. This will add an extra 10 seconds to your video, so each video should be approximately 30 seconds total in length.

  8. Practice, practice, practice.
    Practice your walk or poses in front of a mirror or film them so that you feel more comfortable and confident when it’s time to record your video. This will also give you a chance to see if you want to change anything in your setup before recording.

  9. Let your personality shine!
    Don’t stress, have fun, and show our community how awesome and unique you are!