Fundraising Ideas

There are a number of fundraising ideas that a family can use in order to help defray the costs of adoption. Here are a few websites for you to check out:

And don't forget the LPA Adoption Fund! If you are a member of LPA, you can apply for monies that go toward your adoption of a child with dwarfism. Please contact [email protected] for an application.

The IRS offers a tax credit for expenses incurred during an adoption.  For 2019, the tax credit for adoptions is $14,080, per child if your combined household income does not exceed $211,160.  For combined household income between $211,160 and $251,160, a decreasing portion of the federal tax credit can be claimed. Please see the IRS website for more information.

For your information: 
The LPA Adoption Committee has some sample of fundraising letters to assist in your adoption fundraising efforts. Contact Colleen at [email protected] for samples.