Grant for Overall Accessible Living (GOAL)

LPA would like to assist in breaking the financial barriers
that come with unexpected mobility challenges!

Mobility can segregate individuals with dwarfism, making independence hard to navigate in a world that is not always accommodating. LPA can help!

LPA’s newest grant, the Grant for Overall Accessible Living (GOAL) is intended to help level the financial playing field. By removing barriers that keep members from succeeding independently, GOAL will help members bridge financial gaps to avoid incurring additional costs that could further set them back. This grant supports members with a portion of costs related to mobility devices and occupational tools (grabbers, dressing equipment, etc.).

Little People of America recognizes that both independence and mobility are crucial to the success and progress of an LP during their lifetime, regardless of age. The cost of necessary items, equipment, modifications, or accommodation projects can be expensive and burdensome on the LP and their families. All too often this cost is the main barrier preventing access to the accommodations or needs that are sought.

Dealing with independence or mobility barriers? LPA is here for you.

The next application period for the GOAL Fund will open on October 1.  

The GOAL Committee will review applications quarterly, beginning in the first quarter of 2022. LPA will send notifications to each applicant by March 31 (Qtr 1), June 30 (Qtr 2), September 30 (Qtr 3), and December 31 (Qtr 4).  There may be some exceptions made depending on the urgency of the need.