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For parents:  It's a Whole New View
Membership form: Membership Form
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Be sure to review our Medical Advisory Board page of doctors, and our Parent and Teachers page if applicable.

Little People of America, Inc. is a national non-profit organization that provides support and information to people of short stature and their families. We are the only dwarfism support organization that includes all of the nearly 400 forms of dwarfism. There are an estimated 30,000 people with dwarfism in the United States, and 651,700 around the world. No other organization in the world provides more resources, support, and information for people with dwarfism.

Our members include average-height parents of a child with dwarfism, adults of all ages with dwarfism, average-height spouses, grandparents, relatives, siblings; and the medical community. We also encompass people of every ethnicity and economic level.

LPA is comprised of 13 Districts (typically made up of one to four states) and within those, 70 Chapters providing services to local areas.   Chapter and District meetings rotate around the areas, so there is sure to be an event or meeting near you.

The Mission of LPA

LPA is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with dwarfism throughout their lives while celebrating with great pride Little People’s contribution to social diversity. LPA strives to bring solutions and global awareness to the prominent issues affecting individuals of short stature and their families. LPA offers membership to any person who has dwarfism, their family members or friends. We also offer memberships to medical professionals.

Our support and programs include:  parents and peers support, medical resources, adoption assistance, archives collection, community outreach program, national annual conference, 2 regional weekend meetings per year, scholarships, advocacy, adaptive equipment referrals, networking, friendships, workshops that cover many aspects of dwarfism, our LPA Today magazine and website, public relations, a national office with an 888 number.

Membership programs currently are:

$55     Annual Membership 
$20     Senior Membership - 65 and older
$35     International and Student Membership (proof of full-time student status required)
$120   3-Year Membership
$750   Lifetime membership

Dues may be paid online at, by phone at 1-888-572-2001, or by mail.   If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-888-572-2001.

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