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Action Alert

Demand that Florida Representative Workman withdraw HB 4063

On October 3, 2011, Florida Representative Ritch Workman introduced HB 4063, legislation that would repeal a state ban on dwarf tossing.

Originally passed in 1989, the ban on dwarf tossing has helped protect the safety and dignity of people with dwarfism.

In addition to threatening the physical well being of the individual subjected to being thrown, dwarf tossing objectifies the entire dwarf community, suggesting that little people are no more than pieces of equipment in a barbaric game.

Though always reprehensible, the idea of dwarf tossing is particularly disturbing in a day and age when society is confronting bullying. Far from confronting bullying, embracing diversity and learning about differences, dwarf tossing enables bullying.

To preserve the safety and dignity of people with dwarfism, and the entire community, contact Florida Representative Workman. Urge Representative Workman to withdraw HB 4063.

Thank you,

Little People of America
The American Association of People with Disabilities

Action steps to stop HB 4063:

1.   Contact Representative Ritch Workman.

Contact Florida Office:

Email: [email protected]

Melbourne Office -- Phone: (321) 757-7019 
Tallahassee Office -- Phone: (850) 488-9720

Mailing Address:

Representative Ritch Workman

33 Suntree, Place Suite D
Melbourne, FL 32940-7602

2.  Sign our petition at Change.org and let your voice be heard.