LPA Dwarfism Information Cards

Have you ever been somewhere and wished you had a simple card to hand to someone who was maybe just a little bit too curious about you or your child?  

LPA now has Dwarfism Information Cards for you to use in just that situation.

The cards have general information about dwarfism and the LPA office contact information.  The cards are business-card sized.

There are two card options - one can be used by an adult lp, the other can be used by a parent.  
Cards are sold in packs of 10 for $5.00.  You may pay by cash, check or online through the orange DONATE button on the LPA Homepage.  Choose "LPA Dwarfism Information Cards" on the dropdown "Reason/Program for Donation" menu.  You may also click here to purchase online.

Please also feel free to use the cards as a sample if you would like to make your own cards on your home computer.

Adult Cards:      

Front                                                                           Back                                           
LPA_Info_Cards_FINAL_12-16-11_Page_1.jpg    LPA_Info_Cards_FINAL_12-16-11_Page_2.jpg               

Parent Cards:  
Front                                                                          Back                                            
LPA_Info_Cards_FINAL_12-16-11_Page_3.jpg    LPA_Info_Cards_FINAL_12-16-11_Page_4.jpg
Back Text Enlarged: