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OWLS Legacy Reception 

It was great to see old faces and new at LPA's Inaugural OWLS Legacy Reception, which was held on Sunday, July 3, 2022  during the Spokane National Conference. Huge shout out to District 2’s Anthony Soares for sponsoring this year's OWLS Legacy Reception.

We had an amazing turnout with 35 people in attendance. Thank you to Faith Pedersen, Membership Coordinator for helping facilitate the event. We had 23 OWL members and 12 Young Adults and Teens.

During the reception, we ran a continuous loop of photographic memories put together by Harold Weaver and Jim Kay. 

We will do this again in Austin, Texas. Hope to see everyone next year at the Conference. 

If you have anything Newsy, please email Greg Lawrence ([email protected]) or Harold Weaver ([email protected]) for inclusion in our next OWLS Zoom Meeting. 

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