A Letter from the President of LPA

With more than 6,000 members, Little People of America is proud to be the United States’ largest national organization for people with dwarfism and their families. Founded in 1957, LPA strives to offer the support and resources necessary to empower all people with dwarfism to reach their full potential.

Though dwarfism unites the organization, the LPA membership is full of diversity. To address the broad interests and needs of the membership, LPA offers a vast array of resources and programs. From academic scholarships for individuals pursuing higher education, and an adoption referral program, to comprehensive listings of adaptive products designed to accommodate the lives of people with dwarfism, and listings of medical professionals who are specialists in the field of dwarfism, to scholarships that give financial support to families who want to attend a national conference or regional conference for the first time, LPA has something for nearly everyone.

While each member of LPA is unique, most of us share a common goal of creating communities in which people with dwarfism can pursue educational, employment, and social opportunities on an equal playing field. Though the community is moving in the right direction, physical and social barriers still stand in the way. To bring us closer to the goal, LPA is dedicated to raising positive awareness about dwarfism and addressing misconceptions about dwarfism through the Community Outreach Program and through the Dwarfism Awareness Month Campaign. Also, LPA is developing a policy agenda that promotes access, opportunity and fair treatment for people with dwarfism in all aspects of their lives.

As President of Little People of America, I am excited and honored for the opportunity to partner with the membership and with the dwarfism community to strengthen and build the organization, and to bring us closer to the goal of a level playing field. Over the next few years, I look forward to working with and growing with each of you.


Gary Arnold
[email protected]