Below is a list of all events being offered during LPA's Virtualpalooza.  As new events are added, we'll update this page.  All of the events are being offered to current members at no cost.  You will be prompted to login to our website to register for each event, and each event requires separate registration in order to receive the correct connection information.  You can select to register for whichever events you are interested in - register for only one or register for them all.  

If you are not a member of LPA, but would like to sign up for a trial membership in order to participate in Virtualpalooza, please sign up HERE.

July 1 8:00pm EDT Board of Directors - General Assembly
July 6 6:00pm EDT Medical WebinarOpen Forum with PT:  Q&A for Mobility Issues and Insights
July 8 8:00pm EDT WebinarGet Educated on Education
July 10 8:00pm EDT Dwarf Artist Coalition's - Poetry Night
July 11 7:00pm EDT LPA's Virtual Fashion Show
July 12 7:00pm EDT OWLS Online
July 13 8:00pm EDT Medical Webinar - Genetica y Crecimiento: Desordenes genéticos comunes que causan baja talla (Webinar in Spanish)
July 15 8:00pm EDT Webinar - Honey, We Shrunk the Kitchen!
July 17 8:00pm EDT Dwarf Artist Coalition's - Visual Art Online Exhibition 
July 18 6:00pm EDT Dwarf Artist Coalition's - Telephone 2020 "Living in Oblivion"
July 19 3:00pm EDT Dwarf Artist Coalition's - Play Reading "Shut Up and Take It"
July 19 4:00pm EDT Medical Webinar - Ortho/Neuro Workshop with West Coast Physicians
July 22 2:00pm EDT Webinar - Advancing Employment Opportunities for Little People while 
Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA
July 22 8:00pm EDT Webinar - ¿Dónde estamos los Padres? (Webinar in Spanish)
July 24 8:00pm EDT Rainbow Social
July 25 7:00pm EDT LPA's Got Virtual Talent
July 26 7:00pm EDT Webinar - 100 Hispanos Dijeron (Webinar in Spanish)
July 26 3:30pm EDT Webinar - Difference within difference
July 27 6:00pm EDT Medical Webinar - ENT Workshop
July 29 8:00pm EDT Webinar - Health and Wellness
July 31 7:30pm EDT Dwarf Artist Coalition's - Music Jam Sesh!


LPA would like to thank our 2020 Virtualpalooza sponsors
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