Each Tuesday in July, we'll release 4-5 trivia questions, all things that can be found either on our website or in our publications. If you want to compete in our virtual trivia/scavenger hunt, please visit this page each Tuesday - a new round of questions will be posted, and you will have until the following Monday to complete (except for the last round - it will be due July 31).  There will be points for each round completed.  The more points you earn, the more chances you have to enter for a drawing for one of our 5 prize packages.

Trivia Questions   Deadline to Submit
Round 1 -  Posted July 7 Submit by July 13
Round 2 - Posted July 14 Submit by July 20
Round 3 - Posted July 21 Submit by July 27
Round 4 - Posted July 28 Submitted July 31