Each Tuesday in July, we'll release 4-5 trivia questions, all things that can be found either on our website or in our publications. If you want to compete in our virtual trivia/scavenger hunt, please visit this page each Tuesday - a new round of questions will be posted, and you will have until the following Monday to complete (except for the last round - it will be due July 31).  There will be points for each round completed.  The more points you earn, the more chances you have to enter for a drawing for one of our 5 prize packages.

Trivia Questions    

Round 1 - 

  • Q1. What year was LPA Founded?
  • Q2. Who is LPA's Historian?
  • Q3. Who was the Keynote speaker at LPA's banquet at
    the 2019 Conference in San Francisco?
  • Q4. In 2019, LPA supported the mascot name change in
    what school district in Wisconsin?
  • Q5. In the Spring 2020 issue of LPA Today, how many times
    is the green LPA logo (just the LPA letters) used?


Answer:  1957
Answer:  Jim Kay
Answer:  Danny Woodburn

Answer:  Hurley School District

Answer:  6

Round 2

  • Q1. Who is the President of Roadrunners Chapter?
  • Q2.  Where was the 1979 LPA National Conference held?
  • Q3.  Name three current members of LPA's Board of Directors
  • Q4.  What was the theme of the Fall 2019 LPA Today?
  • Q5.  In what year did LPA membership grow to over 2100 members? 


Answer: Linda Morris
Answer:  Lancaster, PA
Answer:  Any 3 listed HERE accepted
Answer:  Volunteerism
Answer:  1974

Round 3 - 

  • Q1. LPA is represented by how many Districts?
  • Q2.  Who is the chairman of LPA’s Medical Advisory Board? 
  • Q3.  Name three past presidents of LPA
  • Q4.  In 2019, how many educational scholarships did LPA award, AND
    what was the total amount of the scholarships?
  • Q5.  In what year was the first World Dwarf Games held , AND
    where were they held?

Round 4 - Posted July 28

  • Q1. Who is the District Director for District 8?
  • Q2.  What year was LPA's Medical Advisory Board
    first established? 
  • Q3. Where will the 2021 LPA National Conference be held?
  • Q4.  Name a member of the Medical Advisory Board whose
    practice is NOT located in the United States.
  • Q5.  How many virtual events did we offer in July
    during Virtualpalooza?
Submitted HERE by July 31